Understand Your Customers

Know Your Customers

How are you getting your information? The True Biz Pulse Questionnaire is a great way to know more about your customers and your business. Find out what people like most about their experience and what can be improved upon. Ensure you and your staff are providing the absolute best customer service. Find out what other products or services your clientele would like to be offered. Get insights on customer demographics to build detailed marketing strategies and much more!

Increase Conversion

Increase Sales

What steps have your taken to increase internal marketing efforts? With True Biz Pulse you can present up to three different promotional offers to your customers. Track each offer to find out which promotion customers are increasingly taking advantage of, and share in-store promotional offers on social media to increase awareness.

Get Customers Back

Get Customers Back

How are you getting customer back? True Biz Pulse provides endless opportunities for reaching your existing customers. Even better, we give you the ability to target customers based on prior selected promotions. Knowing what motivates your customers to buy is essential for creating marketing emails and materials that encourages the recipient to take action. You can also send out email blasts about new products or services, or keep customers informed about upcoming events.


Get repeat business


Increase Revenue


Stay in touch with current customers


Get better reviews more often

True Biz Pulse gives users the ability to understand
their customers, promote their products or
services, and get customers back to their physical
or online store more often.

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